One of our primary trade activities include organizing or taking part in industrial fairs and exhibitions. We have been a crucial part of several industrial and trade exhibitions and trade fairs. This practice not only allows us to reach a discreet set of clients who have less knowledge about our field of work but it also allows us to spread awareness among our existing clients. We inform our clients and about the positive consequences of getting their products tested and calibrated by our engineers. We also share the importance of maintaining international standard quality in manufacturing their products and how it is directly going to be fruitful for them.

We have taken active part in exhibitions in some cities that are prominent industrial hubs including Karnal, Bhiwadi and Faridabad. These industrial trade fairs and exhibitions have also helped us in learning and understanding client's requirements in compliance with the concurrent industrial trends.

The exhibitions also prove to be a vital source of information for youngsters seeking employment in this industry. They get an opportunity to foresee the scope of their career growth through these exhibitions. We provide an industrial exposure to engineering students and young employees to give them a detailed insight of their roles and the future prospective for them.

Exhibitions and trade fairs are visited by distinguished personalities and ministers thus they serve as an excellent platform for us to utilize the attention of electronic media to reach out further to industrialists who are not in a direct contact with us.

Exhibition Karnal

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Exhibition Bhiwadi 27-01.03.15

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Exibhition Faridabad 28-30-11-14

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