About Us

EmmTech Calibration is a renowned calibration & testing laboratory accredited by "National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories" (N.A.B.L), ISO/IEC 17025-2005 standard. At EmmTech we work towards furbishing our reputed clients with set of operations that ensures the accuracy of their products. We are an organization that has been certified by the Indian Government to test and calibrate measurement products produced by our clients.

We ensure that readings from an instrument are consistent with other instruments and the measurements that an instrument fetches are accurate so that it can be trusted for its displayed measured value.

Not only do we furbish our clients effectively and with the best standards of the industry, we have also been awarded with several accolades from renowned and distinguished personalities.

Our achievements include the MSME National Award 2010 and 2012 for the Outstanding Entrepreneurship in MSEs (Service) in India. Our work has been acknowledged and appreciated by the Honorable Minister Sh. Virbhadra Singh in presence of chief guest Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, honorable former Indian president on in September 2011, and also from the Honorable former Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in March 2014.


At EmmTech, we work towards not only providing the best to our clients but we also try to improve each and every aspect of our organization, be it operations, research and development or management. Our goal is to provide one of the best calibration labs to our clients in the country. We look towards improving ourselves with each passing day.

We hope to provide a viable platform to measurement apparatus developers which they can resort to, when it comes to quality and accuracy check. We also work to improve the quality of our service by motivating our workforce to adapt and learn more and more.

We believe in the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi and wish to be a part of self dependent nation which has an affluent economy. As one of the leading calibration lab we not only wish to develop our organization but we also want an overall development of the measurement instrument industry. We believe that this industry has a lot of potential to generate employment in our country and thus we motivate our clients with lower yearly turn over to improve their quality and provide consultations to help them improve.


Our mission is to develop our organization by using the tools of innovation, hard work and team work and to focus on profitable growth driven by values. We are in constant pursuit to acquire operational excellence, superior customer services, innovation, quality and commitment. We are working towards providing our clients with economically efficient method to help them in improving their quality.

We never leave a stone unturned to serve our clients efficiently. This has given us a wide array of clientele. We strive to provide quality service consistently to all our clients.

We also value the time, skills, and expert opinions of our staff. We are committed to providing fair and living wages, reasonable, structured work schedules, and clear duties and spheres of rights and responsibilities for each team member. We do not expect staff to do work for which they are not trained; we do expect them to share their suggestions for improving any aspect of EmmTech working operations or care giving. We also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work.

Our policy

To serve our clients with a consistent streak of superior quality we abide by certain regulations that we have created. These regulations are inevitable part of our policy which ensures an ever evolving quality provision for our clients. Here are some salient features that relate to quality service provision:

  • We provide accurate calibration and testing services to our clients. We ensure that our observations and readings are errorless.
  • We work towards achieving international standards, recognition and reliability by implementing integrated management & technical requirement as per IS/ISO/IEC 17025-2005. We are accredited by NABL, a signatory to APLAC'S MRA as an accreditation body.
  • We use standard test methods and calibration methods and fulfill customer requirement. We also wish to achieve scientific excellence in the field to increase the research and innovation in the industry.
  • Our calibration and testing services are traceable to National/International standards.
  • Our laboratory is committed to maintaining global standards of operations by maintaining its accreditation through continuous up gradation of the required resources and support system.

Why Need Calibration?

Having instruments that are calibrated insures quality output products. Out of tolerance instruments tend to give wrong readings resulting in unnecessary back jobs and process failures. Bad or low quality products would pass as good ones resulting in warranty costs, and good products as non-conformance to quality ones, resulting to unnecessary reworks. So basically, calibration is all about producing high quality.

Assuming that you are asking why is there a need, the reason is simple. Every time a measurement is made or a process is performed, there is a measurement result and an expected result. Because of random and non-random variability, the measurement result usually differs from the expected result. Calibration works to either fix the non-random variability or account for it in such a way that the differences between the measurement and expected results are random and negligible. Often a calibration is used with a control scheme which monitors process variability and makes corrections or applies calibrations to ensure the quality of the product.

All equipment used for the production, development and test of product must be maintained and calibrated. The standard requires that measuring equipment be calibrated at routing intervals.

What is Calibration?

Calibration is a set of operation that establish under specified conditions, the relationship between values of quantities indicated by a measuring instrument or a system, or the values represented by material measure or a reference material, and the corresponding values realized by the standards with a evidence of traceability up to National /International standards.

Qualities determination of the error of measuring device and where necessary adjusting these errors to minimum.

Many people do a field comparison check of two meters, and call them "calibrated" if they give the same reading. This is not a calibration. It's simply a field check. It can show you if there's a problem, but it can't show you which meter is right. If both meters are out of calibration by the same amount and in the same direction, it won't show you anything. There is a requirement for calibration to use a reference standard having traceability up to National /International standards. For an effective calibration, the calibration standard must be more accurate than the instrument under test.