Calibration Lab

  • Dimension Lab:
    Gauge Block Calibrator
    Slip Gauge set
    Angel gauge set
    Profile projector
    Length measuring
    Electronic probe
    Dial calibration tester
    Calliper checker
    Length bar
    Slip gauge accessories
    Measuring pin
    Three wire unit
    Height master
    2d height gauge
    Plain plug gauge
    Plain ring gauge
    Thread plug gauge
    Thread ring gauge
    Flash pin gauge
    Width gauge
    Snap gauge
    Wear check plug gauge
    Wear check ring gauge
    Special gauge
    Thread pitch gauge
    Filler gauge
    Radius gauge
    Glass scale
    Straight edge
    Surface plate
    Comparator stand
    Angle plate & box angle plate
    Test sieve
    V block
    Test mandrel
    Flow cup
    Spline plug gauge
    Spline ring gauge
    Chamfer gauge
    Sine bar
    Sine centre
    External micrometer
    Height gauge
    Internal micrometer
    Depth micrometer
    Dial indicator
    Dial test indicator
    Dial bore gauge
    Dial thickness gauge

  • Electrical Lab:
    Energy meter & test benches
    Power meter
    Power analyzer
    Multifunction calibrator
    Universal calibrator
    Process meter
    Power supply
    Digital clamp meter
    Power factor meter
    Volt meter
    Ampere meter
    Micro ohm meter
    Frequency meter
    Frequency analyzer
    Time interval meter
    Stop watch
    Hour meter
    Insulation tester
    Resistances  boxes
    Capacitance box
    High voltage tester
    Spark tester
    Lcr meter
    Digital thermometer
    Pin hole tester

  • Mechanical Lab:
    Weighing balance
    Push pull gauge
    Pressure gauge
    Vacuum gauge
    Compound gauge
    Pressure transmitter
    Magnehelic gauge
    Differential pressure gauge
    Pressure switch
    Torque wrenches
    Torque screw driver
    Rubber hardness tester
    Tensile testing m/c
    Universal testing m/c
    Vickers hardness tester
    Rockwell hardness tester
    Speed measurement
    Micro pipette

  • Thermal  lab:
    Tus of all types industrial furnace validation/calibration
    Temperature & humidity mapping of cold & hot rooms/chambers
    Rtd sensor
    Bod incubator
    Water bath
    Oil bath
    Muffle furnace
    Pyrometer/infrared thermometer
    Temperature calibrator
    Dry block furnace
    Deep freezer
    Environmental chamber
    Hybrid recorder
    Temperature indicator
    Temperature  recorder with sensor
    Thermo hygrometer
    Laboratory oven
    Temperature  transmitter
    Humidity chamber mapping
    Humidity sensor with indicator